Warsaw of Chopin’s times

Żelazowa Wola is the place where Fryderyk Chopin was born, Paris is the place of his adult life and where he passed away, but it is Warsaw that should be called his home town.

Warsaw is a must-see for every fan of Chopin’s music and everyone who is interested in his life. This is where you can explore the places from Fryderyk’s teenage years.

After almost 200 years since he had lived here, finding them on your own may be a difficult task. That is why, we offer you guided tours which will help you discover the city from Chopin’s times.

Even after all this time, the places where Fryderyk’s family used to live in Warsaw, like the current University of Warsaw or the Academy of Fine Arts, are still there for you to see. You can find the Visitationist Church where, as a high school student, Chopin would play the organ every Sunday or the place of his first public concert at the age of 8 which is the present-day Presidential Palace.

While in Warsaw, you must also see the church of the Holy Cross, where the composer’s heart was laid, according to his last will. Another place you cannot miss is the Royal Park Łazienki with world’s most famous statue of Chopin, a place of summertime live piano concerts.

In order to get the most of Chopin’s Warsaw, we offer you our guided tours of the city with an expert guide who will make sure you get to feel the atmosphere of the 19th century city.

Chopin’s Warsaw – minivan tour and walk with evening piano concert

or morning tour: Chopin’s Warsaw (by car + walking part)

Chopin’s Warsaw – guided walk with evening piano concert

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